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Creative ArtsExpressive Play: Creative Arts Activities for Young Picassos

Expressive Play: Creative Arts Activities For Young Picassos

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Learning through creative expression is a valuable part of a child’s development. We all know that playtime has its place in creativity, but did you know that it can also help foster self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and open up communication skills? Let your young Picasso loose with these creative arts activities that allow them to express themselves.

1. Fingerpainting

Fingerpainting is an art form that encourages lots of exploration and experimentation. With a simple paintbrush or fingers, children can learn the dynamics of color, blending, and texture._

To get started, mix tempura paint with water and put it in paper plates. For extra fun, you can put glitters or sprinkle sand on wet paint. Add some paper towels to your art supplies so little ones can clean up their hands after they are done. Now, let the creative process begin!

2. Papier-mâché

Papier-mâché is a fun crafting activity for kids. Not only is it quite creative, but it is also an advantageous way of teaching fine motor skills.

To make the papier-mâché paste, mix two parts of flour and one part of water in a bowl. Place several pieces of newspaper in a bowl filled with water. Once the paper is moist, let your kiddo start molding it. Now, it’s time to grab the paste and apply it to the paper. Then wait for an hour or two and the papier-mâché will be done.

3. Sculptures

Creating art in three dimensions will help your child explore shapes, patterns, and colors with their hands. To make sculptures, put some playdough or clay on a table. Children can build shapes with it and use different objects, such as sticks, straws, buttons, seeds, and more, to form patterns.

Let their imagination roam freely and encourage them to use their hands and minds to create masterpieces. After they are finished with their sculptures, talk with them about their creations and ask what does each shape represent. You will be amazed at how much your children can create.

4. Collage

Collage can take any form or shape. Plus, it can be used to explore any time period or any theme. To make a collage, provide your children with old magazines, newspapers, photographs, and postcards. Let them go ahead and start arranging the materials in different ways and talk about the meaning or context behind their pieces. You can also help them create abstract ideas and encourage them to explore their thoughts and feelings through visuals.

These creative arts activities will help your children explore their creative sides in a completely new way. So, set up your art station and get ready to unleash your little Picasso’s creative spirit!

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