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Nature ExplorationNature Scavenger Hunt: A Creative Approach to Outdoor Exploration

Nature Scavenger Hunt: A Creative Approach To Outdoor Exploration

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Summertime is here and what better way to explore the outdoors than by taking part in a scavenger hunt! Nature scavenger hunts are a great way to get outdoors and connect with nature. Whether you choose to do a hunt on your own or with a group of family and friends, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the experience even more enjoyable.

What You’ll Need

Depending on the age of the participants, supplies may differ, but here are some items that everyone should have:

    • A list of scavenger hunt tasks


    • A pencil and paper for note taking


    • A camera to document the hunt


    • Snacks and water for a break during the hunt


Tips for Success

If you are doing the scavenger hunt alone or as a family, here are some tips to ensure a successful scavenger hunt:

    1. Plan ahead: Decide on the length of the hunt and the types of tasks. Come up with a list of items to be found before starting the hunt.


    1. Create a check list: Make sure to do a quick overview of the list, to make sure everyone understands the tasks. This helps with understanding the rules and the overall flow of the hunt.


    1. Take your time: The scavenger hunt is about exploring and connecting with nature. Don’t rush through – take your time and enjoy the experience!


    1. Encourage learning: While scavenger hunts can be fun and engaging, there’s also a great opportunity to learn about the environment. Sharing information with the younger participants is a great way to increase their knowledge and love for the outdoors!


Making it Even More Creative

If you are looking to spruce up your scavenger hunt, here are some additional ideas to make the experience even more fun:

    • Include even more items on the list with a wilderness twist: plants, birds, animals, etc.


    • Use rhymes: Create tasks in the form of a poem or song. This allows participants to focus on the hunt while also being creative!


    • Make it a game: Divide participants into teams and give each team a different list of items to find. The first team to complete the list is the winner.


    • The Shoe Challenge: For a real challenge, have your group do the reported “Shoe Challenge”, which involves finding two matching shoes in the woods OR ONES THAT FIT within 30 minutes! Great way to incorporate creativity as well as logistical thinking.


Final Tips

For a successful nature scavenger hunt, make sure you adhere to the following tips and suggestions:

    • Always be mindful of the environment: when observing nature, never remove plant, animal, or insect specimens from their natural habitat.


    • Be considerate: Leave the area in the condition you found it – no littering!


    • Be safe: Make sure you observe the appropriate safety considerations while exploring the outdoors.


No matter your age or experience level, nature scavenger hunts are a great way to have fun and explore the outdoors. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can make sure your scavenger hunt is a successful and enjoyable experience that everyone can enjoy!

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