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Educational GamesFun and Learn: Top Educational Games for Kids

Fun And Learn: Top Educational Games For Kids

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By Dan Harris

When it comes to educating children, there’s no better way to make learning fun than with educational games. Studies have shown that fun and interactive activities are a great way of inspiring young kids to stay motivated and become academically successful. The right educational games provide a suitable platform for teaching young minds, and can help build critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best educational games for children. These games are designed to help kids learn important concepts in a fun and engaging way.

1. Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster is an outstanding game for pre-schoolers. It’s designed to teach essential math and logic skills. Through the game, kids get to “apply” basic math equations to sushi recipes. They get to roll combinations of sushi, add toppings, and even get to feed their monster of choice.

Sushi monster has lovely visuals and is incredibly enjoyable to play. Best of all, it was designed with math experts, and it teaches children important skills such as basic addition, subtraction, even/odd numbers, and much more.

2. Math Vs Zombies

Math Vs Zombies is a fun and thrilling educational game for 3rd grade and above. The game challenges players to solve basic math equations in order to kill zombie hordes. It’s filled with humor and provides a unique experience with a great level of detail.

What’s more, the game is packed with over 150 math questions. Children get to choose their level (easy, medium, hard) and get to unlock new levels as they progress. It’s a great way to motivate kids to learn math with built-in rewards.

3. Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy is an innovative platform for young learners between grades K–8. It helps to make learning fun by combining education and entertainment into one exciting experience. Through this game-based platform, kids get to solve math and reading problems, along with lessons in science, social studies, and other subjects.

The games, exercises, and activities geared towards a wide range of topics are designed to help broaden a child’s knowledge. Children also get instant feedback to measure their performance.

4. DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is one of the best educational game for 6th graders. This interactive game familiarizes kids with algebra concepts such as fractions, equations, and inequalities. Through the game, players challenge themselves to solve various puzzles.

Unlike the other games mentioned here, this game isn’t filled with cartoons, visuals, and loud sound effects. It does, however, help kids to learn complex concepts with minimal effort and frustration.

5. Motion Math

Motion Math is a great math-based game for elementary school students. It consists of over two dozen mini-games tailored to teach children basic mathematical competencies such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. While playing these games, they get to develop their ability to reason, problem solve, and think critically.

The game features exciting rewards and nifty real-time feedback. Feature like these go a long way in helping to keep kids engaged and motivated while having fun.


Educational games are great tools for teaching young kids. The games mentioned in this article are some of the best and can make a big difference in a child’s education. Whether you’re looking for a math or language game, there’s bound to be a game in this list that works for you.

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